Friday, August 23, 2013

Post-Op: Day 23 & 24 - It happened

So after my last Dr. appointment I got my clearance to go back to work Mon the 19th but my work office had been closed due to some issues with the HVac system. Since thats the case I've been doing some more babysitting for my aunt who normally babysits since she out of town visiting our new little cousin (aka her Grandson). Things have overall been going well since surgery... nothing really eventful to report... till yesterday that is.

Now I've been gradually adding different things back into my diet to see how I do with them. I tried eggs for a 2nd time and that was still kinda "eh" causing me some nausea but I blame that mostly on the piece of toast I attempted with it. The 2 times since that I've made a "dippy" egg for breakfast I've done very well with... no nausea or anything. In this time I've had other foods like Sloppy Joes (from Aiden's birthday party) and potato salad (which is the best in the world cuz my dad made it)... both in very small and slow increments and did well there too. Grapes and watermelon also were mixed in there in addition to other chicken and fish that I've already tried successfully.

So we get to yesterday. I've been doing really well with everything I've tried... been trying to drink as much fluids as I can to keep hydrated... and finally started my vitamins which really aren't bad and overall besides some soreness I'm doing pretty well... feeling "normal" again. I only had one girl to babysit yesterday so with mom's consent I brought her over to our house a whole 3 minutes away to play with Aiden. After we get to my house I realize I forgot her lunch back at my Aunt's place. Well I have to feed Aiden and my hubby too so naturally the decision is to make mac n cheese. "I can have a small bowl of this right...? It's just a small amount... it's just cheese... not "too" greasy or anything... and it looks soooo good..." So I make the decision to have 1 small scoop of Mac and cheese with everyone else. This, as it turns out, was a very stupid decision. I felt fine as I ate... slowly... chew chew chew... wait a few seconds before the next bite.... chew chew chew.... There... that wasn't so bad!.... Not! About 10-20 mins later my tummy starts to gurgle a little, turn a little more, more... ugh this sucks! Within I'd say a half hour at most I am thoroughly nauseated and ready to throw in the towel. I keep reminding myself how stupid that was as I'm doing some deliberately slow/deep breaths... in the nose... out the mouth... repeat. Ugh! This is the worst nausea Ive felt since surgery. After getting the kids down for a nap, I lay down myself for a good 20 minutes. Then... Uh oh.... is that.... or is it....? Uh Oh! I quickly decide that a trip to the little girlies room is needed... now! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is "dumping".
Note to self: don't do that again.

Later that evening we decide to have tacos for dinner. Not Taco Bell tacos... home made tacos. Easy and healthy. Ground Turkey browned (it comes in like 2.25lb packages from Wal-Mart and you'll be surprised how much less fat/grease drains off of Turkey than beef), drain, add 2 packets of dry taco seasoning w/ 1.5 cups of water to ground Turkey and let simmer and you're good to go. Just add your toppings as you choose. We have lite sour cream, shreaded cheese, kidney beans (which are high in protein!), lime juice (just try it... it's amazing on Mexican and lots of other things too!), and then hot sauce n jalapenos for my hubby. He prefers to put them all on Tostitos but I'm a soft taco shell kinda girl. So I make myself one soft taco (normally I would have started with 3) and sit down to eat. I started with 2, maybe 3 bites in the wrap before deciding to just eat the inside and leave the wrap (even though it is a whole wheat tortilla shell). I have a few more small bites and I'm full... leaving behind half a shell and a bit of meat. Yum... I had missed tacos! And guess what... no nausea!

That brings us to today... Friday. My last babysitting day before my aunt gets home from Florida (lucky duck!) The kids are about ready for lunch (which usually starts around 11am). I get everyone's lunches out and give them their designated sandwiches and heat up their Easy Mac (ugh... no thanks) and it's my turn for lunch. I have a left over piece of burger from a few days ago that's about the size if a silver dollar. I have some sloppy Joes too but that gets set to the side. Mind you... I successfully ate part of a burger a few days ago... no problem... hence leftovers. Today I start eating it while standing up next to the kids at the table who are also eating. The size of my burger takes only a few small bites. I had a tiny piece of sloppy joe but then decide I not to bother. After a minute or two I start to have some discomfort in my back (which can be a sign that you're full) so I'm thinking... ok... I'm good. But then it gets worse until I am very uncomfortable. It's not a sharp pain but enough pressure that I have to go sit down. I try to drink some water (which normally you aren't supposed to do as that causes the food to move through your system quicker and lose your "I'm full" feeling faster) but in this case... I had to. I kept drinking but nothing, no relief.

The kids are finishing up their lunches and being surprisingly good so I excuse myself for a minute to the restroom and that's when it happened. I butterflied. (For those who don't know: "butterflied" is a term a friend of mine and I coined in college for throwing up/vomiting. We decided that when you don't feel good and you know you're going to get sick... that you don't want to hear those words cuz they'll make you do it... so we decided we needed a better... prettier word for it... hence "butterflied". I know... we're weird.) I was doing so good thus far so I was very disappointed that this happened. My best guess is that I didn't chew one if the bites I took thoroughly enough and it got lodged in my stoma (aka where the esophagus and stomach meet because it's smaller now.) After butterflying though I immediately felt better. That's the only good news about the whole thing. And the fact that I definitely learned my lesson.

The rest of the day is to be filled with babysitting and a possible trip to the Transfer Harvest Home Festival or just relaxing around the house. Who knows.
Here's hoping the rest of the days meals are more uneventful!

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